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In today's challenging market environment, it is more important than ever before to find the perfect candidate - without over-expending business resources. Innovative human resource solutions are more critical than ever before

Traditional recruitment agencies help businesses identify a candidate, and offer employer only 30 days guarantee and only one replacement, should the employee fail to meet your requirements. In reality, most employers and employees often take more than a month to decide for the job, or employee, is not right for them. The end result is that companies end up paying more commission fees and with more cost incurred to find one or more replacements.

JOBCOM we offers a much more cost-effective solution - UNLIMITED placement hires for up to five months, with no added service fees and commissions. With just a one-time subscription fee, employers can hire and replace as many candidates as they need, without incurring unnecessary charges.

We have a bank over 50,000 fully-qualified candidates (comprising Singaporeans, SPRs, Malaysians and foreigners) which businesses can access by choosing from the following packages:

Package A, B & C or D

What JOBCOM Provide:

  • Up to 10 months Unlimited Jobs Posting
  • Unlimited Position up to 5 months Free Excess to In-House-Data Bank under JOBCOM SEMPITERNAL
  • 100% Screened and Interviewed Job-Seeker
  • Monthly resumes update
  • Customize according to Employer recruitment needs
  • Value Added Services (Employer needed to provide Specific Job Description)
  • Premium Employer for Job Posting enjoy Extension Privilege
  • Service and Satisfaction guarantee.

In addition, businesses get the Employee guarantee that every candidate is carefully screened and assessed. We conduct face-to-face interviews and with resume & reference check to make sure employers does not waste time and resources on job seekers that do not meet staffing requirements.

To guarantee effective talent sourcing results, we also analyse the business strategy and translate it into a search and selection blueprint covering strategic, operational and behavioural elements. This will ensure a perfect client and appointee match, based not just on knowledge and skill components but on values, culture and operating style.

To better serve our Clients, at JOBCOM SEMPITERNAL, we provide greater access for our client with capabilities and professional expertise. We deliver value services to our clients and better careers for our job-seeker.

Approach us today,, we look forward to meet your current and future needs.

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